Monday, September 19, 2016

Brighton through the lens Part 1

"I am sure my sisters must all envy me. I only hope they may have half my good luck. They must all go to Brighton. That is the place to get husbands..." Lydia's thoughts from Pride and Prejudice invaded mine when we decided to drive down here...husband, I had one along...but Brighton since Austen's Pride and Prejudice has come a long way from 'husband-hunting ground' to being the gay capital of Britain!! Great to see how it has got over the petty prejudices and shed the vain pride - it is bright and colourful and beautiful!!

We Started Early 

and got lost thinking about the numerous Lydias who might have traveled this road in search of a bright prospect

Driving down to a beach town early in the morning has its own charm

sleepy and leisurely, not yet up for the day...streets are at your disposal
Parked the car and headed to the most obvious destination, first! The Brighton Pier.

trying the 'Luck' early in the morning when it is fresh and raring to go ;)
All in the hope of winning a minion! Because 'partner' I have already :)

And while at it, there's something if the 'luck' needs some mood-lifting to perform well ;)

Some fresh air might also work well for the 'luck'

But if luck doesn't bring you a 'partner' or a minion, it will compensate with a beautiful view!! 

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